Industries Served

Sakura Jordan harnesses the unique properties of the Dead Sea, delivering its mineral-rich raw materials and offering extensive services to a wide range of industries worldwide. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation establishes us as a trusted partner for businesses aiming to excel in their respective markets. Below, we explore the diverse industries and services we are proud to support.

Cosmetics and Beauty

Leveraging the therapeutic properties of Dead Sea minerals for skincare, haircare, and beauty products, we provide natural ingredients that hydrate, detoxify, and nourish, catering to the cosmetics and beauty industry’s demand for purity and efficacy.

Spa and Wellness

Our products enrich spa and wellness centers with therapeutic baths, body wraps, and treatments that utilize the high mineral content of Dead Sea salts and mud, promoting relaxation, muscle relief, and overall well-being.

Healthcare and Therapeutic

The healthcare sector benefits from our Dead Sea raw materials, incorporating them into dermatological treatments, rheumatic relief products, and alternative therapies, supporting skin health and providing natural pain relief.


We supply pharmaceutical companies with Dead Sea minerals used in drugs and health supplements, capitalizing on their therapeutic qualities to improve bone health, treat skin disorders, and boost immunity.

Personal Care

Daily hygiene products are enhanced with our Dead Sea minerals, enriching bath salts, shower gels, shampoos, and more, offering users daily mineral enrichment for healthier skin and hair.

Pet Care

The pet care industry uses our Dead Sea minerals in grooming and health products for pets, providing relief from skin conditions and enhancing coat health with natural ingredients.


Agriculture benefits from Dead Sea minerals as natural supplements, improving soil quality, plant growth, yield, and resistance to pests and diseases, promoting sustainable practices.

Private Label Services

For businesses looking to launch their own branded Dead Sea products, our Private Label services offer a turnkey solution. From product development to packaging, we provide a comprehensive service that allows you to bring high-quality, branded Dead Sea products to market under your own label.

Wholesale Services

We partner with established Dead Sea brands, facilitating global wholesale and distribution. Through Sakura Jordan, businesses can access a diverse portfolio of Dead Sea products for resale, supported by our efficient logistics and distribution network.

Why Partner with Sakura Jordan?

  • Versatility in Services: From raw material supply to private label and wholesale services, we offer versatile solutions tailored to your business needs.

  • Global Industry Reach: Our broad industry expertise and global logistics network ensure efficient delivery and support for businesses worldwide.

  • Commitment to Excellence: Our dedication to quality, sustainability, and innovation is unmatched, driving success for our partners and their products.

Expand Your Offerings with Sakura Jordan

Embrace the opportunities provided by the Dead Sea’s natural wealth. With Sakura Jordan, you can innovate, expand, and succeed in your industry, whether through sourcing raw materials, launching your own product line, or reselling established brands. Contact us today to explore how we can support your business goals and contribute to your success.